Nostromo Linea Premium

Nostromo chose to renew the packaging design of its premium products. Whole tuna fillets, fillets and apricots: the entire visual identity has now a new look that reflects the superior quality of raw materials and craftsmanship.

Artefice Group has worked by analyzing the positioning and color codes of a difficult market like canned tuna, choosing for Nostromo the most eye-catching visual identity and best describes the values of a brand symbol of tradition. Precious colors and sophisticated materials have been chosen to communicate the beginning of a journey into taste, meeting the needs of those who are not happy with a simple product, but are looking for a unique experience of intense pleasure.

I was asked to introduce the new product range Tonno Nostromo, a quality product with a unique taste for moment of pure pleasure, with a short video.


Client Nostromo
Agency Artefice Group
Modeling Annamaria Carelli
Animation Francesco Sportelli